Always Again the Same

Blind Spot Always Again the Same (I Am the Origin of Mourning)
Silver gelatin photographs: 16 units, paper size 600 x 500 mm
Metallic paint and acetate on tissue boxes: 60 units, each 125 x 105 x 115 mm
Suspended balloons filled with water: 22 units
Tin can lids with gold leaf: 25 units

'The first thing I found was this. What the Photograph reproduces to infinity has occurred only once: the Photograph mechanically repeats what could never be repeated existentially. In the Photograph, the event is never transcended for the sake of something else'.

Roland Barthes
'...what is repeated is a process of becoming, a movement of differentiation and dispersion - and what is differentiated and dispersed is time itself ... this eternal repetition does not mean 'the return of the same' but rather the return of what is never simply itself. What returns is the movement through which something other is inscribed within the same ... we could say, somewhat elliptically, that this eternal return is the return of returning itself. It is the desire for things to return'.
Eduardo Cadava
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