Vale Vale (I Am First Thought)
Suspended glass bowl with spotlight, reflected light and shadow
36 'Rorschach' cloth squares: acrylic paint on poplin 360 x 360 mm
Sheets and pillowcases, overall size 3000 x 5400 mm
Six light bulbs and electrical fittings, 25 watts

'...the metaphorical veil of the eternal female covers up the sex/organ seen as castrated. ... Why interpret the little girl's development and especially its relationship to the Oedipus complex, as the opposite [...] the other side, reverse, of the masculine oedipal situation? Or its negative? Especially in the photographic sense. Especially in the specular sense'.

Luce Irigaray
' function of repetition, at least as understood by Freud is to repeat a traumatic event (in actions, in dreams, in images) in order to integrate it into a psychic economy, a symbolic order'.
Hal Foster
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