Latent Image

Latent Image
140 vinyl records with acrylic paint, vinyl lettering
variable installations

An installation made of vinyl records painted in black, white and grey and arranged on the wall so they resemble the grainy detail of a photograph. Texts on the plates have been lifted from TV guide plot descriptions, rewritten in the first person and present tense eg. "I am a kissing bandit on the run."

Against the bouncing white light of the gallery space, the records seem to float or vibrate, like the monochrome spots of a visual defect. With scale ambiguous, they now resemble photographic grain massively enlarged.

The title Latent Image is borrowed from analogue photography where it describes the image formed by changes to the silver halide grains in photographic emulsion upon exposure to light. The image is not visible until chemical development takes place.

The painted "records" are a visual pun to the monochrome grain of photographic emulsion and its (deferred) potential for Image. Just as the subject of a photograph bears a phenomenological link to its image, the appropriated text provides an apparent real-world referent to the image of identity. A myriad of irreconcilable identities and actions are offered by the narrative texts. In each we are positioned as protagonist, momentarily seduced by their plausibility or promise.

Copyright © Susan Fereday, 2019