On Paper

On Paper
9 cast paper objects (pulp made from recycled art mail): 270 x 220 mms to 470 x 400 mms
10 silver gelatin photographs: 170 x 120 mms
3 glass plates suspended from ceiling
refracted light and shadows

For Jeffrey M. Fereday (1959-1996) Now in Light

'This gentle, dream-like scenario, suffused with a touch of melancholy, provides a rare example of a perfect conjunction between critical theory and personal expression.

Fereday continues her exploration of the fascination of photographic images: images which are no more than - and yet more than - material traces, shadows and residues of the ephemeral and the fragile. In her current installation, glass dishes suspended from the ceiling cast dancing shadows on a white wall. On the wall, paper maché boards made from the pulped residue of art world literature, indented with fragments of critical catchphrases, are interspersed with delicate black-and-white photographs of indefinable objects.'

Freda Freiberg, exhibition review, The Age, 1996

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