Last Light

Last Light

Two incomplete, abstract snapshots which are the light-fogged final frames on rolls of silver gelatin film. In one we can make out a man’s hand, holding a child. The other – harder to discern – seems to trace the roofline of a shadowy house.

What remains of our childhood, but desire cast in doubt?

'Real marble sculptures have something in common with photography. When you look at a photograph closely, you realise that something is missing: where the detail in the image fails, you notice the grain of the medium. A little bit like the streaks and strata of the marble, the grain in a photograph is an importunate reminder of the artificial process; and it's also strangely seductive, because it flickers ambiguously between something material in our world and something evoked in the world of the image…

The marmoreal claims to eternity visibly dissolve in time. The aesthetic afterlife that insulates us from the thought of dying itself perishes, along with the people who were once pictured.'

From Robert Nelson exhibition review, The Age, Feb 2011

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