After Life

After Life

A pair of portraits, from unrelated sources. One is a studio portrait of a young man, on which someone has attached a four-leafed cloverleaf. Another is a casual photo of a young woman, which someone has ripped-up and then put back together with a large section missing. Their lost identities return as found objects with histories of their own.

'The exhibition is about the afterlife of photographs that take on new meanings as they break loose from their original context. After our life we live on in photographs. Yet the person in an unidentified photograph is an orphan. The likeness remains, but there is no identity attached to it. The sign is intact, but what does it refer to? Being made after life, from reality, is the very condition of photography. But it's incomplete, suggestive, partial, it's not life itself.'

From Greg Neville exhibition review, Feb 2011.

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