All Seeing

Peacock Feather All Seeing
2 inkjet prints on Canson Baryta paper
85 x 85 cm
Edition of five
Ceramic rabbit, two cotton cloths (each 266 cm x 118 cm), 17 doilies, 17 varnished tin lids

Bowed Head Installation Shot 1 Installation Shot 2 Installation Shot 3 Rabbit

All Seeing explores photography as both means and metaphor for seeing, knowing and being.

Two large photographs (of a suited man with his head bowed, and the eye of a peacock feather) are presented alongside a pair of white cloths hung loosely in front of Sarah Scout's windows.

One cloth has a scatter-arrangement of doilies sewn onto it, the other a (mirror-flipped) arrangement of net pockets containing tin lids. The gently swaying cloths both soften the gallery's already subdued lighting and produce unexpected shadows. They draw attention to the world outside, recalling the gallery's former life as a domestic space and its current distinction as a gallery against the tradition of the idealised white cube.

The subject of Fereday's installation appears to be light: as the language of photography, the basis for its logic, the source of all seeing, and an all-seeing screen for the unseen (un)conscious act of seeing itself.

Copyright © Susan Fereday, 2019