Jeffrey Fereday

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JF on motorcycling
New publication now available: "Random Lines: columns for Two Wheels magazine 1985-1991"

1959 born Adelaide, Australia
1996 died Melbourne, Australia

Writing for Theatre

A Voice No-one Hears From The Far Corner Of The Room (1995)

Made to Measure (1989/1995)
play, commissioned for La Mama theatre

Scenes From the Safety Zone (1988)
radio drama, commissioned for ABC radio

A Moment's Hesitation As She Changes The Expression Of Her Face (1988/1995)
play, production at La Mama in February 1988, director Peter King

A Slow Exit (He Is Going To Die) (1987)
play, production at Grant Street Theatre in October 1987, director Peter King
New play script now available as softcover book

Sometimes I'm Squeezed And Words Come Out (1987)
play, production at Grant Street Theatre, March 1987

Minor Transaction (1985)
short play, workshop performances at Victorian College of the Arts, November 1985

Soft Option (1985)
short play, workshop performances at VCA, November 1985

Selected Critical Writing

(Photography, visual arts, performance)

"Installation's Crisis of Presentation", reprinted in What is Installation? An Anthology of Writings on Australian Installation Art, editors Adam Geczy and Benjamin Genocchio, Sydney: Power publications, 2001

"Claim", catalogue text for June Savage at Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, March 1995

"The Object of Photography", catalogue text for Susan Fereday exhibition at Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, September 1994, and Sutton Gallery, Melbourne, May 1995. Also a short text for a separate pocket catalogue called "The Object of Photography"

"Peter Tyndall: Photos From The Courier", review for World Art inaugural issue, Nov 1993

"Beyond a Fourth Wall", article on theatre/audience, in West 6/7, September 1993

"The Fantasy Behind the Category", catalogue text for Susan Fereday "Object a" exhibition, Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, April 1993

"On the Road With #1 - a Map of Harley-Davidson's Mythic America", feature article for Agenda special issue #23, December 1992

"Spaces Between: Film/Video/Performance", introductory essay for Experimenta catalogue, 1992

"Trade: There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunchtime", exhibition review, Agenda #25, Sept 1992, pp.28-29

"SupermArt", review of group exhibition, Agenda #24, July/August 1992, pp.24-25

"Cave: Colin Duncan Installation", review, Agenda #23, May/June 1992, p.14

"Tell Me Everything - Again", catalogue essay for Susan Fereday exhibition "Anxious Objects" at Linden, St Kilda, April 1992

"Installation's Crisis of Presentation", feature essay, Agenda #20/21, November 1991, pp.5-6

"Experimenta Performance", feature/review, Agenda #16, March 1991, p.9