Under a Steel Sky

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A glove compartment sized book of photographs and text by Susan Fereday
with poetry by Maureyn Brees

Zoned-out drivers, sleeping passengers, abstracted dashboards and horizon-less views: these photographs of people in cars in America in the 50s and 60s were originally amateur snapshots taken as neither critique nor nostalgia. Digitised and represented here with poetic text, they can be read as both. As a series they invoke the spirit of American post-war consumer-culture as a kind of slumber and childhood memory as a long journey in a small car hurtling through space.

Susan Fereday, self-published, 2008
ISBN 1-921179-33-3
A6 size, 64 pages, softcover, perfect bound, 24 b&w illus
$22:00 (incl GST) + $2.00 p+p

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