I Fall In Love with a Beautiful Newcomer Hiding a Deadly Secret

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'I am a woman haunted by her past

I am a man who spends his life extricating himself from difficult situations

I am a sensuous Parisian courtesan

I am a youngster in Nicaragua who dreams of flying like a bird

I am a radical New York poet with a long suffering wife . . .'

Poetry made of synopses from TV guides, rewritten in the present tense and first person.

An enigmatic collection of stories that seem to offer a multitude of possibilities. 'I' become the protagonist in every mystery, disaster, dilemma, plan, or circumstance described.

Mysteriously, I lose myself in narrative when I locate myself as subject. My identity seems fluid. I am man, I am woman, I am murderer, surgeon, surfer, slut. I am loose and yielding, elastic. I am brittle, empty, like glass.

I am the story that happens to me. I am the story that happens to be.

'Seductive. Hilarious. Melancholic.'

Susan Fereday, self-published, 2000
ISBN 0-9578173-0-4
98 pages, softcover, perfect bound
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