Curriculum vitae

Academic awards

2010       Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University, Melbourne
1992 Master of Arts (Fine Art) by research, Deakin University, Victoria College, Prahran Campus, Melbourne.
1986 Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), majoring in photography, Victoria College, Prahran Campus, Melbourne
1982 Technician's Certificate in Photography, Elizabeth College of TAFE, Adelaide

Individual exhibitions

2016 Speaking for the Dead, Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne
2013 Infinite Image, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne
2013 All Seeing, Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne
2011 After Life, Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne
2009 Light Out of Darkness, Monash University, Art + Design Faculty Gallery
2008 Under a Steel Sky, West Space, Melbourne
2005 Ilsley Green Road and Latent Image, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne
2002 Sally Sutton Gallery, Melbourne
Hole Thing Bellas Gallery, Brisbane
2001-02 Remember Me six installations changing fortnightly, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
2000 Parallel Lives Sutton Gallery
1999 A Fleet of Fancies, Bellas Gallery, and Sutton Gallery
1998 Visible Things Sutton Gallery
1996 On Paper Sutton Gallery
The Object of Photography Artspace, Sydney
1995 The Object of Photography Sutton Gallery
Untitled Found Objects Bellas Gallery
1994 The Object of Photography Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
1993 Object a Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide & Sutton Gallery
1992 Ascendant, Anxious Objects, Astonish Me Linden Gallery
1991 If You Can't Take the Heat Get Out of the Kitchen Room 4, Melbourne
1990 Win Store 5, Melbourne
Value 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne
I Am Never Sure of My Place Platform, Spencer Street Underpass, Melbourne
1989 Art Fades (1,2,3,4....) Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney
1988 A Moment's Hesitation Before She Changes the Expression On Her Face Linden Gallery

Group exhibitions

2017 An Unorthodox Flow of Images, Centre for Contemporary Photography with the Melbourne Festival, curators Naomi Cass and Pippa Milne
2017 The Dust Never Settles, University of Queensland Art Museum, curator Michele Helmrich
2017 Behind the Lens: 130 years of RMIT photography, RMIT Gallery, curator Shane Hulbert
2015 Lurid Beauty: Australian Surrealism and its Echoes curator Simon Maidment, National NGV Australia

Transmission: Legacies of the Television Age curator Maggie Finch, NGV International
2012 Photographic Abstractions curators Stella Loftus-Hills and Stephen Zagala, Monash Gallery of Art
2011 A Way of Calling curator Melissa Keys, Linden Gallery, Melbourne
2009       Photographer Unknown curator Kyla McFarlane, Monash University Museum of Art
Light Years: Photography and Space curator Maggie Finch, National Gallery of Victoria
2006 Light Sensitive curator Isobel Crombie, National Gallery of Victoria
Recent Acquisitions curator Jane Scott, Monash Gallery of Art
2004 Urban/ExUrban curator Vikki McInnes, TarraWarra Museum of Art, Melbourne
2001 Desire curator Rachel Young, RMIT Gallery
2000 The Retrieved Object curator Elizabeth Gower, Linden Gallery
1999 What John Berger Saw curator Merryn Gates, Canberra School of Art Gallery, Canberra. Touring to Orange Regional Gallery; Monash University Gallery; University of SA Art Museum; John Curtin Gallery; Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
1998 City of Hobart Art Prize, Carnegie Gallery, Hobart
1996 Photography is Dead! Long Live Photography! curator Linda Michael, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
1995 The Power to Move: Aspects of Australian Photography, Queensland Art Gallery
Lovers curator Juliana Engberg, Museum of Modern Art at Heide
Suitcase Melbourne City Plaza
Palais Lights public slide projections, St. Kilda Festival
Postcard Show Linden Gallery
1994 Projection: Filming the Body curator Natalie King, The Basement, Melbourne
Don't Stop curators Susan Fereday and Shiralee Saul, Linden- St. Kilda Arts Centre, Melbourne; Geelong Art Gallery
The Aberrant Object: Women Dada and Surrealism curator Juliana Engberg, Museum of Modern Art at Heide
Read My Lips curator Shiralee Saul, Ascent Gallery, Melbourne & Union Gallery, Adelaide
Group Sutton Gallery
1993 Reflex curator Stuart Koop, Centre for Contemporary Photography, touring to University of Tasmania, Launceston; Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney
Luminaries curators Jenepher Duncan and Natalie King, Monash University Gallery
Pure Cinema curators Rozalind Drummond and Paul Morgan, Charles Williams Gallery RMIT
City Screens projections onto city buildings, curator Stuart Koop, Melbourne International Festival and Centre for Contemporary Photography
Vitae: An Installation Publication #7 curators Shiralee Saul and James Harley, RMIT Faculty Gallery
Margaret Stuart Endowment National Gallery of Victoria
Group Show Sutton Gallery, Melbourne
1992 5 x 8 Sutton Gallery, Melbourne
Public Spaces: Public Art Personal Vision curator Kevin Wilson, Linden Gallery
Allure Slide at 200 Gertrude Street
Tongue Platform, Spencer Street Underpass, Melbourne
SupermArt curator Shiralee Saul, Blaxland Gallery, Melbourne
Food in Art curator Debra Tucker, Gallery at Tolarno
1991 Christmas Tree Forest Linden
Artists Portraits of Artists Victorian Centre for Photography
Support Women Image Makers Fundraiser Linden Gallery
Cite, Sight, Site curator Linda Sproul, Linden
Body Without Organs First Draft West, Sydney
Postcard Show Linden Gallery
1990 Amoré with Jeff Gibson and Rosemary Laing, curator Sally Couacaud, Artspace, Sydney
Palimpsest curator Kaye Moorhouse, University of Tasmania, Hobart
1989 Upfront Blaxland Gallery, Melbourne
Photoaccess Benefit Link Gallery, Canberra
1988 St. Kilda Arts Festival Linden Gallery
1987 Beatrice Faust Curates: From Boubat to Fereday Photographers Gallery
1986 Colour Me Gone Lighthouse Gallery
1985 Women 150 Linden Gallery
1984 Lady Fairfax Selection Exhibition Art Gallery of NSW
1982 Women's Art Movement Group Show WAM, Adelaide

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Australian National Gallery
Monash City Council
Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery
National Gallery of Victoria
Queensland Art Gallery
University of Queensland

Grants and awards

2012 Australia Council, VACB, New Work Grant
2010 Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal, Monash University
2007 Australia Council, Visual Arts/Craft Board, New Work Grant
Studio residency, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris
Monash University Publications Grant
2006-09 Australian Postgraduate Award
2002 Australia Council, Visual Arts/Craft Board, New Work Grant
Arts Victoria, Arts Development, New Work Grant
Ian Potter Cultural Trust, Equipment Grant
2001-02 Artist-in-residence, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
1999 Australia Council, VACB, Artist Development Grant
Artist-in-residence, Noosa Regional Gallery
1996 Studio residency, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris
1995 Anne and Gordon Samstag Scholarship, University of South Australia
1992 Australia Council, VACB, Artist Project Grant

Writing by the artist

2011 'Alpha City' catalogue text for Christopher Köller exhibition, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VCA
'Stretched Skin' catalogue text for Penelope Davis, Nellie Castan Gallery
2008       'Under a Steel Sky' creative text for book launched with exhibition
2006 'Wired World' catalogue essay, Simon Maidment and Paul Shepard, Conical Gallery
1996 'Ruins in Reverse' catalogue essay, RMIT Gallery, Storey Hall
1995 'Likeness' catalogue essay, CCP
1994 'Ipso Photo' catalogue essay, with Stuart Koop, CCP
'Don't Stop' mail-order catalogue, Linden Gallery 'Jemmy', group exhibition, Adelaide, Agenda #36
1993 'Mathew Jones: Poof! Review', Art Fan #1, p.22
'Portraits of Pleasure', Kent Morris exhibition, Agenda #33, p.8
'Arranging Nature', catalogue essay, CCP
'Immortality', catalogue essay, CCP
1992 'After the Fact', catalogue essay, VCP
'Elvis Lives!' Polixeni Papapetrou exhibition, Agenda #20/21, p.41
'Claim', June Savage exhibition', Eyeline #16, pp.34-35
'Ills Caused By Love and Desire', Christopher Koller exhibition, Agenda #18, p.10
1990 'Photography in the art museum', Agenda #13/14,p.3
'Looking', catalogue essay for Graeme Hare Exhibition at ACCA
1989 'Witness', Linda Jullyan exhibition, Agenda #9, p.26
'Stuck in the approximate', Sue Ford exhibition, Agenda #5, pp.26-27
1988 'The moment of sainthood', Rose Farrell & George Parkin exhibition, Agenda #3, pp.20-21
'Before the winter gardens', Chris Koller exhibition, Photofile, Autumn, pp.20-21

Public lectures

2018 'Angela Merkel's Raute and The Little Man in the Boat', Woman, Art and Feminism conference, VCA, Melbourne
2013 'The Curious Truth About Photographic Seeing', seminar, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne
2012 'For the Painting, for the Wall', talk at Jeff Wall retrospective, NGV International, Melbourne
2006       'I am the ghost of the image: the photograph as mirror, window, veil', paper at AAANZ conference, Monash University
'After Photography', paper at symposium 'Queensland Festival of Photography', QCA, Brisbane
1999 'Imaging the Other: ethnicity in recent Australian photography', at conference 'The Politics of Photographic Portrayal', Australian High Commission, New Delhi, India
1993 'Photography: snapshot/masterpiece', seminar for NGV Gallery Society
1992 'The jig is up', Australian Contemporary Art Fair, forum 'The Art Media'
1991 'Absent', paper at forum 'Representations of Women in Media', for SWIM
'Critical values', forum at VCP
'Reading contemporary photography', public lecture for AIPP at Victorian Centre for Photography
1990 'Slowing the act of looking', Paper at public forum, Australian Centre for Photography
'Writing criticism', for art history program at Victoria College, Prahran Campus
1988 Paper at public forum 'The Thousand Mile Stare - Where Do We Go From Here?' ACCA
1987 Paper at public forum 'The Death of the Author v The Humanity of the Moment' Victorian Centre for Photography

Curated by the artist

1996 Ruins in Reverse: Lauren Berkowitz, Adam Boyd, Colin Duncan, Hewson/Walker, Shaun Kirby, Christopher Langton, Callum Morton, Rose Nolan, Deborah Ostrow, Kathy Temin, Chris Ulbrick, Chris White, Constanze Zikos. 14 artists employ unorthodox and prosaic materials (masonite, MDF, cardboard, concrete, vinyl, lurex, fake fur) in works which reference and undermine historical moments of aesthetic purity and transcendence, and interact with RMIT Gallery's recently renovated interior. RMITGallery at Storey Hall, Melbourne
Reviews: Anne Marsh, 'Gallery of ruins', Herald Sun, 17 April, p.56
Lawrence Money, 'They're flat out trying to help', The Sunday Age, 21 April, p.20
Anna Long, 'Irreverent trip to creative ruins', Business Review Weekly, 22 April, p.130
Robert Rooney, 'Ruins in Reverse', The Australian, 10 May, p.
Colin Simpson, 'Youth, energy, and a "Victorian" relic' The Bulletin, 14 May, p.76
Robert Nelson, 'No logic, no feeling', The Age, 18 May, p.10
Peter Timms, 'Similarity breeds contempt', Herald Sun, 22 May, p.
Peter Hill, 'The Next Wave, nightclubs, and surrounding islands', Art Monthly Australia, July, p.12
Lewis Ryan, 'MDF I Luv You', Broadsheet, Vol.25 No.3, Spring, pp.22-23
Robert Schubert, 'Ruins in Reverse', Art + Text #55, pp.93-94

Likeness: 46 photographs selected from the Waverley City Gallery, Monash City Council collection and assembled around resemblances in their compositions and subjects. Most of the photographs are by men, most of the subjects are men, streets, sports, buildings, deserts, rocks. Is visual concord the archive's refrain? Centre for Contemporary Photography
Reviews: Freda Freiberg, 'Life in the likeness of the Australian male', The Age, 25 April
Victoria Harrison, 'Likeness', Melbourne Weekly, 25 April, p.11
Anne Marsh, 'Real life images go snap, Daryl, and pop', Herald Sun, 5 April, p.65

A Small History of Photography: Lectures
Juliana Engberg, Robert Nelson, Charles Green, Martyn Jolly, Anne Marsh, Freda Freiberg, Destiny Deacon, Adrian Martin, Geoff Lowe, Gael Newton, Bill Kelly, Hewson/Walker, Elizabeth Gertsakis, Paul Fox, Paul Carter, Jody Zellan, Deb Verhoeven, Peter Tyndall. A series of lectures challenging the idea of an overarching or definitive history of photography. Eighteen artists, writers, and theorists are invited to choose ten slides each around which to talk about their own private and professional fascinations with the history of photography. Centre for Contemporary Photography


Ipso-Photo: (co-curated with Stuart Koop) Margaret Roberts, Chris Fortescue, Marie Sierra-Hughes, Phillip Watkins. The influence of the camera's privileging vision on recent sculptural works. Four installations critique photography's relationship with subjectivity and power. Centre for Contemporary Photography
Review: Scott McGuire, 'Ipso photo', Agenda #41, March, p.13

Don't Stop: (co-curated with Shiralee Saul) Exhibition and mail-order catalogue. Thirty artists contribute art multiples displayed in an environment resembling an upmarket boutique to stimulate discussion on art as commodity. Linden- St. Kilda Arts Centre; touring to Geelong Art Gallery, Shepparton Art Gallery. Mail-order catalogue circulating throughout Australia.
Reviews: Jenny Zimmer, 'Crafts advance in leaps and bounds', The Age, 28 December, p.17
G.Tresoldi, M.Morgan, N.Good, C.Forsey, M.McInnes, D.Frei, S.Forsey, T.Andreatta, S.Kinnear, Artfan #3/4, November, pp.38-39
Jenny Zimmer 'Objects bizarre that became objects with a function', The Age, 19 July, p.19
S.Fereday & S.Saul, 'Multiples for Sale', Artlink Vol 14 #2, Winter, pp.13-14

Photography Post Photography: Lectures
Edward Colless, George Alexander, Anne Marsh, Pamela Hansford, William Routt, Nicholas Zurbrugg, Tim Mathieson, Kevin Murray. Eight key Australian writers and theorists present lectures which consider the current role and functioning of photography in a post-photographic digital era. CCP


Arranging Nature June Savage, Liz Butler, Gillian Dallwitz, James Packer, Tony Nott, Naomi Kumar, Donna Larcom. Sculptural and installational works using photographic imagery to explore nature as visual construct. Centre for Contemporary Photography; touring to University of Tasmania, Launceston; Warrnambool Art Gallery; Mildura Art Centre; Shepparton Art Gallery, Sale Regional Arts Centre; Albury Regional Arts Centre, Waverley City Gallery
Review: Anne Marsh, 'Waverley in picture', Herald Sun, 29 November, p.47

Immortality: Rose Farrell & George Parkin, Jeff Gibson, Chris Tabecki, Polixeni Papapetrou, Heather Fernon. Borrowing its title from Milan Kundera's novel, 'Immortality' looks at masculine desire and the status of hero in popular culture. Centre for Contemporary Photography
Reviews: Tim Mathieson, 'Immortality', Agenda, #32, July, p.30
Greg Neville, 'Drab images fail to speak on male identity', The Age, 29 April, p.16

1992 After the Fact Photographs from the Melbourne police forensic archive depicting the vacant scenes of crimes. Photography as a tool of detection, fascination and disputed truth.
Victorian Centre for Photography; touring to Union Gallery, University of Adelaide; University of Tasmania Gallery, Launceston
Reviews: Peter Timms, 'It beats Sydney by a mile', Art and Australia, Winter, p.32
John Neylon, 'Discursive torture', The Adelaide Review, March
Richard Grayson, 'After the Fact', Photofile #38, p.4
Robert Rooney, 'Following in Piero's footsteps', Weekend Australian, 7-8 November, p.13
Greg Neville, 'Blowing up the myth of truth', The Age, 9 October, p.14