Still from Not I 2013 Not I (2001)
Multiple channels, HD, 16:9 format, silent
Looped sequence 3 mins 33 secs
Still Nothing Special 2012 Nothing Special
Single channel, SD, 4:3 format, sound
Looped sequence 3 mins
Black Sun Video Black Sun
from installation Black Sun
Single channel video, silent
Installed in darkened room, projected over suspended papier-m'ch' ball
Looped sequence 3:00 mins

"Nothing Special" still photo Nothing Special
Single channel video with sound
For display on a domestic CRT television set
Looped sequence 0:29 secs

"UFO 2002" still photo Untitled Future Object
(I Am the Shadow of My Future Self)

Single channel video projection, sound by Simon Maidment
Installed in darkened room, projected opposite an elliptical mirror
Looped sequence 6:00 mins

"Not I" still photo Not I (I Am Not This, Not That)
from Remember Me installations
Single channel video projection, silent
Installed in darkened room, projected through suspended acrylic disks
Looped sequence 5:00 mins

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