Photo of Susan Fereday

Susan Fereday is an Australian artist and educator. Her work centres around photography, and has been described as melancholic, enigmatic, uncanny, and hilarious.

Susan's practice uses a range of media including digital and analogue photography, installation, video, light and shadow. She is well-known for her 'post-photographic' installations: simple materials (glass and metal bowls, light and shadow) invoke the logic of photography without the use of traditional photographic prints. She also works with found photographs, as in the series Under a Steel Sky, in which amateur snapshots from the 1950s resemble Robert Frank’s, The Americans.

Her work engages issues of authenticity and the desire for truth. Research interests

'I am fascinated by photography's allegorical potentials and its uncanny resonances,' she says.

Described as a lively and intelligent speaker, Susan is available for speaking engagements, lectures, assessments and consultations. Her writing is speculative and imaginative.

Keywords: photography, photographer, art, artist, Australia, Australian, memory, death, subjectivity, desire, illusion, feminine, reproduction, absence, loss, re-photography, reflection, light, shadow, installation, video, plato's cave, abstract, found images, snapshots

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